About Us


When we decided to open a vape shop in Maine and name it Old Port Vape, it took us months of planning.  Alex has an extensive background in Metal fabrication and is still in school and I run a business as a professional photographer with a great deal of travel.  Once we arrived at the name (with dozens that did not make the cut) we finally found our perfect location.   

 We conducted lengthy research when we decided to open in Portland. We scrutinized every aspect of the industry as it has moved across the country and continues to grow.  We have set the bar high for Portland, and do our utmost to provide the highest quality product available to Mainers. We are very diligent about the manufacturing practices of the companies we carry.  We have a direct line to leaders in the industry and are committed to passing that experience along to you. Our prices are very competitive and in line with anyone else in the industry (we pride ourselves on that fact).

 As we began to build our team, we knew we needed knowledgable, smart, and friendly folks.  Our three regular employees Al, Kevin and Nate all possess these attributes. They are all passionate vapers who understand our products and the importance of this life changing technology.  They all know how to guide a newcomer to best suit their needs or speak with an enthusiast about what is new or the latest trends in this exciting and ever changing market.

Everyone at Old Port Vape believes in this life altering innovation and believe it is the way of the future. We want to help smokers quit and quit for good. Our goal is to guide and support you as you partake in this amazing smoke free movement. We are playing a distinctive part in ending smoking for humanity.  That is our credo.

We are active members of SFATA (Smoke Free Alternative Trade Association) and CASAA (Consumer Advocates for Smoke Free Alternatives Association). These are the organizations, at a national and federal level, which are advocating and supporting our industry.

As the industry matures, we at OPV will be there with you, offering you the highest quality product that is available and always striving to enhance your experience!